Aga Stuchlik is a Poland born photographer whose passion for the outdoors, nature, travel and wildlife has taken her to many beautiful and wondrous places. She loves sharing her photos with others and giving them the chance to see things and places they may never have the opportunity to travel to, inspiring them to make journeys, create adventures and memories of their own.

Aga is passionate about protecting the wild places, ensuring they are pristine and open for everyone as well as future generations; she hopes her photos give nature in all of its aspects a voice and help it be heard in a way that will encourage people to preserve and protect it.

“I want my photos to inspire people to not only make great memories and adventures but to also see how delicate and truly amazing our world is.”

Even a little help can go a long way and Aga will give a portion of the proceeds from the sales of her photos to the non-profit organization Wildcoast. If you would like to help, please go to their website to learn about their work and donate any amount you can.

Beach Clean up!

Aga would like to invite all of you to join her in a beach clean up each month this summer! Exact dates, locations and times will be posted before the event.